Playing Poker And Online Poker In Malaysia

Whether you’re planning on visiting or living in Malaysia, it’s important that you know their rules for poker. The first thing you should know is that you can’t play poker in a live setting. If you get caught, you could face some dire consequences. Of course, this doesn’t stop passionate players from playing. Poker in Malaysia has become huge. There are underground clubs everywhere you look. If you’re not familiar with the people in these clubs, then it’s highly recommended that you don’t get involved. Instead, look at Malaysian poker clubs online. Contact someone from the club and ask for information on where to play poker in Malaysia.

It’s likely they will tell you that online poker is a much better option. While it’s not officially legal, it’s nearly impossible to get caught. The reason for this is because you’re accessing a foreign site where the Malaysian government has no jurisdiction. Another reason not to worry is because the government is more focused on shutting down online bank transactions, not going after those who make the transactions. Don’t worry about your money. They have failed on every attempt. The only place the Malaysian government has succeeded in regards to online poker is by shutting down a few internet cafes that allow their customers to play online poker. Playing from your own home, a hotel or a villa is very safe. Actually, thousands of Malaysians do it for a living. There are thousands of grinders who play an average of 6-8 hours per day. On their spare time, they go out and have a good time. They go to the beach during the day and they party at night. Not a bad living, huh? Perhaps you should consider it.If you would like to play poker in Malaysia as a living, you should know that it’s the ideal lifestyle. The key point here is that living expenses in Malaysia are incredibly cheap. You can even get by on $300 per month. This allows you to play lower stakes games online, which in turn means you’re playing against very weak competition. Therefore, wins are much easier to come by if you know what you’re doing.

This might all sound very exciting, but if you take this approach, it’s recommended that you play free poker first. Find a site you like, then play for free for a week or two so you can get used to it. After that, attack at the real money tables and live the dream.